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pressSIGN 4.6.2   Date: Friday 24 February, 2012
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pressSIGN-Pro now offers Soft Proofing Option

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pressSIGN 4.6.2 now available

The new version of pressSIGN 4.6.2 includes the optional Soft Proofing module, support for the Barbieri LFP spectrophotometer and some significant speed enhancements.

This is a FREE upgrade for all pressSIGN 4.5 users.

pressSIGN Soft Proofing Module

pressSIGN Soft Proofing Module is an additional option available for pressSIGN-Pro or Trends clients. pressSIGN Soft Proofing can be used either beside the press, in the production office or for users with pressSIGN Internet Server at the customers' site.

Save time and money when there's no need for a proof.

The pressSIGN Soft Proofing Module comes with a free copy of viewSIGN to enable customers to test the color gamut of their monitor.

pressSIGN Soft Proofing Module shows users the visual impact of press measurements and the actual substrate. Visually test whether to make plate curve adjustments by simulating their impact on the image.

pressSIGN Soft Proof Module allows you to compare any of two following conditions:
  • press target
  • press target with measured paper (before or during printing)
  • Measured press sheet
  • Measured press sheet with tonal adjustments applied (TVI or 4CX)
  • Measured press sheet with ink zone differences
  • Measured press sheet with ink zone and tonal adjustments applied (TVI or 4CX)

    In image 1 we can see the target standard compared with the measured press sheet

    In image 2 we can see the measured press sheet on the right and on the left the impact of applying the 4CX grey balance tonal curves. If you have a correctly calibrated monitor you will see the grey car image is neutral


    The value of pressSIGN Soft Proof Module is related to the quality of the viewing monitor. viewSIGN software tests the gamut range of any monitor and gives it a score.

    The monitor is scored to enable users to see how visually accurate the image can be rendered on screen. Monitors that score over 90% will be suitable to give an accurate representation of the printed job.

    How Soft Proof works

    Open up an 8-Bit CMYK TIFF file in the Soft Proof Module and pressSIGN will automatically apply the current print target standard. If you haven't yet taken a measurement then measure the paper and see the visual impact of the proposed paper.

    Measure the sheet and compare it with the target. Move the slider across or up and down the image. Now decide if it's worth updating the tonal adjustment curve. The Soft Proof module allows you to simulate these tonal adjustments using either 4CX (grey balance) or TVI. You can quickly see which method will give you the best visual match to your target.

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    Contact your local dealer for more details and upgrade pricing.

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