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pressSIGN G7 certification   Date: Thursday 25 September, 2014
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IDEAlliance® awards pressSIGN 6 G7® System Certification

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pressSIGN 6 awarded G7® System Certification

IDEAlliance® has awarded Bodoni Systems G7 System Certification for pressSIGN 6.

IDEAlliance developed the G7 methodology to help printers achieve common appearance across different substrates and processes. Targeting grey balance, rather than TVI for tonal curve correction, the G7 method is useful where the substrate or the inks vary from the original target.

pressSIGN 6 has demonstrated that it conforms to the IDEAlliance strict guidelines and will produce the correct tonal corrections.

Details about pressSIGN's certification are available on the IDEAlliance web site.

Ian Reid, director at Bodoni Systems, enthused, "the G7® methodology has made an important contribution to print quality and common appearance across processes, and everyone at Bodoni is excited that IDEAlliance has recognised pressSIGN's ability to produce accurate tonal curve adjustments. GRACol® and SWOP® profiles are used worldwide and it is important that pressSIGN Is is officially recognised as producing the highest quality tonal adjustments to achieve accurate grey balance for all our users.

Bodoni sees the G7 System Certification of pressSIGN as the first step in a long association with IDEAlliance. We share many common goals in helping printers satisfy the demands of their clients in a commercially effective way."

Steve Bonoff, Executive Vice President, IDEAlliance, concludes, "We are extremely pleased that pressSIGN 6 has joined the family of G7 certified systems. pressSIGN is used by many of the world's leading brand managers and print buying organisations as a means of certifying print on a daily basis. The fact that the print can be truly certified to G7 is extremely gratifying."

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