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Ex-Demo Epson Stylus SC-P7000 Violet with Spectroproofer   Date: Wednesday 24 April, 2013
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Ex-Demo Epson SC-P7000 Violet with Spectroproofer for 1,895

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Our ex-demo Epson SC-P7000 is in perfect condition having printed just over 1000 sheets, so it's still as good as new. But rest assured, the price includes a 6 month warranty from Epson.

As the UK's leading colour management specialist, we can also offer you a full installation service to ensure that your Epson SC-P7000 produces perfect colour.

The SC-P7000 printer from Epson uses a 10 channel MicroPiezo print head that prints much faster and more accurately. The Violet version substitutes a Violet ink in place of the Light Light Black, adding to the Orange and Green to give the widest possible colour gamut for spot colour proofing or other Hi-Fi colour applications.

The printer switches automatically between matte black and photo black at the press of a button.

For further details call Bodoni Systems on 01923 220530

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Ex-Demo Epson Stylus SC-P7000 Violet with Spectroproofer