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pressSIGN 9   Date: Tuesday 04 October, 2016
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pressSIGN 9 released and available more

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pressSIGN 9 released March 21st 2018

New features include:-
  • Support for ISO 12647-7 digital print targets
  • Expanded colour gamut ICC profiles supported
  • Automode for Epson proofers
  • proofSIGN features included in pressSIGN
  • Create new jobs remotely
  • Auto re-synch to remote servers
  • X-Rite iO Table
  • New export functions
  • New file parser ManRoland ColorPilot
  • Pass or fail selection.
  • Mac OSX 10.12 (Sierra) users will have to upgrade to pressSIGN 9

    Do not upgrade to Sierra before you upgrade to version 9. Upgrade to version 8 and then upgrade to Sierra.

    Full list of all features available from this download.

    Upgrade Policy
    If you bought or upgraded to version 8 after April 1st this year then go to your account at You should find a link "You are entitled to a free upgrade". If you think you are entitled and this message is not in your account then email

    If you have bought pressSIGN before April this year then contact your local dealer for the cost of the upgrade.

    Check against Digital Print Standards

    ISO 12647-7 is the standard for checking proofing and digital printing devices.

    Use the same hardware and software to verify proofs, digital print and analogue printing with pressSIGN 8.

    Digital printing devices that use ICC profiling in order to match an output standard, are best verified using ISO 12647-7 rather than ISO 12647-2. The patches in a relevant color bar or control strip are matched against the Delta E targets from the profile and not density measurements such a TVI.

    pressSIGN 9 will now check against all the criteria from the latest ISO 12647-7 standards and retain all those measurements in the pressSIGN database.

    Pass/Fail Scoring
    When measuring proofs it’s common to have a pass/fail scoring system. pressSIGN 8 has this feature, which can also be applied to the measurement of analogue devices.

    GRACoL scoring

    pressSIGN 9 now offers two methods of scoring grey balance:
    ∆F (ab) for highlight, mid-tone and shadow - the traditional pressSIGN method
    GRACoL - Maximum & Average CMY & K for the full range of patches measured. This scoring method requires that the the color bar measured has grey balance patches which conform to the GRACoL breakdown 50, 40, 40 etc.

    The GRACoL methodology is best used when measuring the IDEALliance P2P chart.

    Expanded Color Gamut
    Printing with 6 or 7 process colors often called, Expanded Gamut, Extended Gamut or Multi-color printing is becoming more and more popular around the world. pressSIGN 8 improves the process of setting and matching an Expanded Gamut target.

    Import the 6 or 7 color ICC profile into pressSIGN which will recognise it - assign the colors if they are included in the profile or allow you to set the name and then assign these colors to a 6 or 7 color control strip.

    Using a multi-colour profile also lets you shift the target based on the white point within pressSIGN.

    New Spectrophotometers supported
    The following spectrophotometers have or are about to be added to pressSIGN 9
  • X-Rite Intellitrax 2 - M0, M1, M2, M3 measurement mode - soon
  • X-Rite iO2 Table - M0, M1 & M2 modes
  • Techkon SpectroDrive New Generation - M0, M1, M2, M3 modes

    Import data from ManRoland’s latest version of ColorPilot.

    New report features
    Within the Advanced Search (inside Open Job Window) create scatter graphs showing multiple scoring trends. For example, you may want to see how well certain jobs score for grey balance and primary colors (see attached screen shots), similarly it becomes easy to see how spot colors are scoring along with another element in the job.

    New Export Functions
    There is a new Export function from the Open Job Window - output from this window can be exported to a TSV (Tab Separated Values) file which can then be imported into a spreadsheet like Excel for further implementation.

    Automatically create jobs remotely
    The new version allows third-party management systems to create a file that will create a job within pressSIGN with all the features necessary.

    This feature is replicated within pressSIGN in the ‘New Job’ window with the ‘Send’ button. By clicking on ’Send’ pressSIGN will automatically open the default web browser the user, list all the configuration selected in the ‘New Job’ window and create what effectively is a URL. The receiving user just clicks on this URL and pressSIGN will open and create the job.

    This new feature means that jobs can be created by 3rd party systems and using pressSIGN’s API the results can be automatically input the same system.

    Download the PDF which details all the new features of pressSIGN 9.

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