AGFA G333C Fixer 4 x 5 Lts Concentrate

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AGFA G333C Fixer 4 x 5 litres concentrate makes up to 80 litres of high quality rapid access fixer for use with GEN 5 infrared and GRD imagesetting films

Concentrates - All of the processing system concentrates have a normal storage life of at least 12 months, when held in unopened containers under steady temperature conditions in the range 13C-18C. However, storage temperature below 5C should be avoided as some crystallization may occur.

Safe Use of Processing Chemicals
All chemicals should be kept out of reach of children. Refer to labels on the box and to the Safety Data Sheet for precautionary information. Protective clothing, including gloves and face/eye protection should always be worn when handling chemicals.

This product has the same properties as Champion GRAFIX Fixer

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