AGFA Alliance DigiDot HND 46cm x 60m Sp 600BD

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Agfa Alliance HND 460mm x 60m Sp 600BD

Agfa Alliance HND imagesetter film is designed to work with all types of Helium-Neon and red laser diode imagesetters

Agfa Alliance HN films are high contrast, broad band red-sensitive films. Their sharp dots are capable of high resolution at fine screen rulings. These films are optimized for exposure on imagesetters that use a helium-neon laser (633 nm) or a red laser diode (630 to 670 nm) as the exposing source.

Agfa Alliance HN imagesetting film features high processing speeds (development in as little as 20 seconds) and low replenishment rates in rapid-access developer and fixer, which contribute to improved productivity and reduced operating costs.

Agfa Alliance HN Films are coated on a dimensionally stable base with antistatic and surface properties to ensure dependable transport and handling behaviour.

Agfa Alliance HN requires a green safelight. Keep the film at least 1.2 metres (4 feet) from the safelight. Do not expose the film to safelight illumination for longer than two minutes.

Keep unexposed film and processed film in a cool, dry place, preferable at a temperature of 70F(21C) or lower and 50% RH. process film as soon as possible after exposure.

These films are intended for use on film recorders that use a 633 nm helium-neon (HN) laser or a 630 to 670 nm red laser diode (RLd) as the exposing source. Follow the exposure procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

NOTICE! Observe precautionary information on product labels and on the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Agfa Alliance HN films can be processed using Champion Developer and Replenisher, diluted to 1:2 or 1:4. To achieve the highest productivity (20 second development time) and the best image quality and linearity, use a 1:2 dilution. To achieve the maximum savings in chemical usage use a 1:4 dilution and a 30 second development time.

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