Hasselblad/Imacon X5/949/848 Batch Feeder Holder

Web Price 2,065.00 (2,478.00 inc VAT)

Add the optional batch feeder to the Imacon 848 or 949 and scan up to 60 images in one batch unattended

The batch feeder will hold up to 10 transparecny holders and is usable with FlexColor 3.2 or later.

Looking for the most flexible and productive workflow?

The new Imacon Batch Feeder is a tool that will help you get maximum productivity out of your Imacon Flextight 848 or 949. It is an attachable device that can hold up to 10 film holders. You can pre-scan the holders individually by queuing up for batch scanning or you can utilize the new Imacon 3f format by scanning all the files in a raw format and open them later for editing on any workstation with FlexColor installed.

The easiest workflow for traditional batch scanning

With the batch feeder you can make the already productive Flextight 848 even more productive. Load 10 holders containing up to 60 originals (10 x 35mm strips of six) and pre scan all 60 and queuing them up for batch scanning. You can combine any selection of holders and in which order you will pre scan. You can leave the scanner unattended while it scans up to 60 images at your specification.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 June, 2005.