Hasselblad/Imacon X5/949 Mounted Slide Feeder

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Imacon X5/949 Mounted Slide Feeder

The Mounted Slide Feeder is built for the Flextight X5 & FlexTight 949. The Mounted Slide Feeder can hold up to 50 mounted slides, which can be scanned in one batch, unattended.

Many companies and institutions have thousands of mounted slides in stock which it would be very time consuming and costly to digitize. The 50 mounted slide feeder with the Imacon X5/949 is the ideal solution as it can handle huge amounts of mounted slides with very little effort and at a quality, and at the highest quality.

Mount 50 slides, in any kind of frame, decide which file size you want and press the scan 3F button. The scanner will scan the 50 mounted slides without any need for further interruption from the operator. The high-resolution files, generated from this process, can be accessed anytime afterwards for preparation to final output.

Finalization for final output can then be done by, opening the files in FlexColor and utilizing the many options or by opening the files in Photoshop and doing the final preparation there.

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