ColorLogic DocBees Reprofiler

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DocBees Reprofiler

Easily and securely adapt ICC printer and DeviceLink profiles to modified printing conditions

You want to print in accordance with a specified printing standard - an international or an inhouse standard - but reality differs slightly to moderately from this standard. Use DocBees Reprofiler with just a few measurements of the deviations, very quickly and effortlessly create a new ICC profile and DeviceLink profile that corresponds exactly to your current printing conditions.

Without being a colour manahement expert create optimized high quality ICC printer and DeviceLink profiles with DocBees Reprofiler.  name=

 name=P name=ossible uses of the profile optimized with DocBees Reprofiler

Thanks to the optimized printer profile generated by the Reprofiler, you have greatly improved conditions for producing both the soft proof and the hardcopy proof. For example, you can use the Reprofiler profile to obtain a simulation in the proof (hardcopy or soft proof) of what the customer data will look like on your press, and to compare the result with a proof based on the original standard profile.

However, you can also convert your printing data from the standard profile to the new  name=optimized Reprofiler profile in order to again obtain the best possible match between the standard printing conditions and the deviating conditions. You should do the latter with the help of a high-quality DeviceLink profile created optionally from the Reprofiler. Reprofiler will take care about the correct settings to create the DeviceLink profile.

What would the alternative look like?

The printer can use overinking or underinking in an attempt to correct a printed image that deviates from the proof. However, the possibilities for adjustment are very limited and rarely hold the promise of success. So, the only answer is a new printer profile that characterizes the changed printing conditions. To create a new printer profile, however, you need to produce a very professionally controlled, new print with a large test chart (e.g. ECI2002 test chart), measure several test charts, average them, and create a new printer profile based on the results. This procedure is very complicated, error-prone, time-consuming, and thus expensive.

It is much better to use an existing, high-quality standard profile or in-house profile, and adapt it by means of just a few measurements on the new paper, e.g. of the paper white or of a print control strip, a media wedge or, better still, a wedge supplied by us. You can already achieve a marked improvement with just the minimum information required by DocBees Reprofiler - the measurement of the paper white. The more information you can provide, such as steps of primary colors, overprints and dark tertiary colors - information that is to be found on print control strips - the better the newly created profile will be, and the more accurately the optimized profile will reflect your current printing conditions.

Two variations of DocBees Reprofiler

DocBees Reprofiler is available in two different variations. The smaller version is able to create optimized ICC printer profiles. The full version is also capable to generate in addition a DeviceLink profile for covering conversion of printing data and complete PDF files in color servers such as ZePrA. Call today for pricing on DocBees Reprofiler for DeviceLink profiles.


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