ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger

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DocBees ProfileTagger

Fast and efficient ProfileTagger automatically ensures you are using the best ICC profiles for your images.

DocBees ProfileTagger is a very special kind of color management preflighting tool that automatically identifies the profile that best suits a CMYK separation. ProfileTagger analyses both TIFF and JPEG image data, as well as all images in PDF files, assigns them the most suitable profiles and, if required, embeds these profiles in the files.

For example, the ProfileTagger enables you to check whether the image data in a PDF/X file matches the output intent, or needs to be "made to fit" by means of colour conversion. It helps you prevent your data from being incorrectly converted in a downstream colour workflow because of an undetected, incorrectly assigned profile (e.g. a US SWOP profile instead of ISO Coated V2 or vice versa). DocBees ProfileTagger works both by Drag&Drop and on the basis of preconfigured hot folders, and is integrated in Enfocus Switch by means of a Configurator. This link to Enfocus Switch offers a wide variety of automation options, even in complex workflows.

The special features of the tool are the high speed of separation identification, and the accuracy of profile assignment. To identify the most suitable profile, the CMYK values of the image are compared to the CMYK values of the profiles to be tested. The profile providing the best match is assigned to the image.

 name=Let the software check if images in your files are tagged with the correct ICC profiles and automatically apply the best fitting profiles.

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