pressSIGN Offset Standard Certification

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pressSIGN Offset Standard Certification

What ?

The pressSIGN Offset Standard (pOS) certification demonstrates that organisations have the skills, equipment and knowledge to produce consistent colour quality, from file handling through to the final print. The pOS certification is based on the international ISO12647-2 colour management standard and is applied using the leading globally recognised pressSIGN software.

Why ?

More and more print buyers are demanding suppliers can prove that they can mange colour correctly throughout the whole print process. The pOS certification allows companies to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of colour management techniques, skills and the ability to put this into practice.

Successfully certified organisations are presented with a pOS certificate of compliance which is valid for 2 years. All certified companies are listed on the 'find a certified company' section of the website, which helps promote their colour quality to a global audience.

How ?

To become pOS certified, an organisation will be audited by a pressSIGN expert and will be required to demonstrate their colour control procedures & knowledge across areas such as proofing, plate making and press stability. In addition, during auditing the organisation will have to submit sheets that achieve full compliance to the ISO12647-2 Amd 1:2007 or GRACol 2006 standard and will have to pass the minimum colour score as detailed in the pOS standard.

In order for organisations to achieve certification they must first have a comprehensive knowledge of colour management workflow from file control through to final print. Therefore we advise organisations to firstly to attend an approved colour management training program run by a pressSIGN certified expert either at their own premises or at the Bodoni offices in Watford. The training covers all aspects of the pOS certification standard including file handling, proofing, viewing conditions and press.

Details of the pOS certification can be downloaded and if you are interested in becoming a pOS certified printer then please email us for more information.

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