Pantone Plus - Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated

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PANTONE® Formula Guide - the "must have" guides for designers, printers and colour decision makers - with 112 brand new colours introduced in March 2016

Plus Series Formula Guides for selecting, specifying and matching solid Pantone colours. The new colours for 2016 fill Pantone’s expansive palette and follow the overall direction and movement. Graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have a total of 1867 colour choices to unleash their passion and let their creativity soar.

Pantone is the only internationally recognised colour communication system. You can specify Pantone colours with confidence, even if your manufacturing is half a world away.

All new colours have been specially formulated to print using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press. Ink formulations are provided to aid printers in mixing colours. Includes colour index, lighting evaluation tool and software to update design applications with the latest colours.

PANTONE™ Formula Guide Features:
• 1867 solid Pantone Colours, including 112 new colours for 2016
• Portable fan guide format
• Text-weight paper
• Pantone Colour Manager Software for updating Pantone Colours in popular design applications
• Ink mixing formulas in parts
• Colour locator index
• Each colour identified with a distinct Pantone number or name
• Colours bleed for ease of accuracy in checking colours
• Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation

PANTONE™ Formula Guide Benefits:
• Broad selection of market-driven colours, for practically unlimited creativity
• Substrate paper stock matches popular print specifications
• Compatible with today’s digital workflows - colours easily updated in leading design applications
• All new colours are printed using a uniform ink film thickness making them easily matched on press
• Eliminates guesswork in colour selection and verifcation
• Easy to communicate colours by distinct number or name
• Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each colour
• Included lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour selection and matching
• Pantone Colours are internationally recognised for colour communication and are globally available
• System supported by worldwide network of Pantone Licensees

Pantone Part Number GP1601N

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