PANTONE Skintone Guide

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PANTONE™Skintone Guide - the first in PANTONE™'s new range of Speciality Products

This is the only internationally available skin tone colour standard product that is based on actual human skin measurement. Realistic skin tone colours are notoriously difficult to reproduce and this product greatly aids in skin colour reproduction. Each guide comes with a free download of COLOR MANAGER Software, where users can access digital values (CMYK,RGB).

The Skintone Guide is ideal for all Designers and Product Developers who use skin colour in their work - such as:
• Photography - photo retouching
• Toys - dolls and action figures
• Cosmetics - base creation and product matching
• Fashion - underpinnings and foundation garments
• Medical - starting point for prosthetics matching
• Graphic Design/ Printing / Packaging - collateral and packaging that show realistic skin colour

The pages are arranged from light to dark, moving through yellow to red undertone. Each page is a full sheet of colour, with a hole in the centre of the page for optimal colour evaluation

Pantone Part Number STG-201

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