Pantone Plus Metallic Guide Coated

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PANTONE® Metallic Formula Guide - Coated

Contains 301 colours printed on coated stock.

The PANTONE metallic formula guide features 301 PANTONE Colors printed on coated stock, complete with ink formulas

The PANTONE metallic colour palettes are available in fan guide format for convenience and portability, or as loose-leaf chips books with tear-out colour swatches for easy colour specification. In addition, replacement pages are available for PANTONE metallic chips, making it easy for designers to update their PANTONE Colour reference books.

To reproduce the shimmer of a broad range of metallic colours, the PANTONE metallic formula guide contains 301 dazzling colours on coated stock. Each of the chromatically arranged colours is displayed along with its unique PANTONE Number and ink mixing formulation for communicating these sophisticated shades with confidence. The corresponding chips book provides tear-out chips for accurate colour specification.

PANTONE Metallic Guide Coated features:
• broad palette of 301 colourful metallics
• each colour identified with a distinct PANTONE number
• ink mixing formulas
• seven base colours shown with and without a gloss overprint varnish.

Benefits of the PANTONE Metallic Guide Coated
• eliminates guesswork in colour selection
• chromatic layout makes it easy to locate desired colours
• easy-to-use and portable fan deck format
• seven base colours shown with and without a gloss overprint varnish for visualizing its affect on the colour
• easy to communicate colours by distinct number or name
• eliminates errors in ink mixing by providing formulas
• system supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licenced Printing Ink Manufacturers

Pantone Part Number GG1507

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