INposition upgrade from v 1.x/2.x/5.6

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INposition xtension for Quark 7.x with full professional capablities upgrade your version to 7.0

INposition frees you from the time spent and intricacies of imposing your QuarkXPress™ documents. QuarkXPress users count on INposition to empower their preferred page layout program with essential imposition tools.

Easy to learn, INposition's intuitive interface guides you through the imposition process allowing you to remain in your familiar QuarkXPress environment. Eliminate the back-and-forth with clients and perform last-minute corrections while maintaining complete control over working file integrity. Faster creep, bleed, crossover, page adjustments for maximum document quality.


QuarkXPress™ 7.x and OS X compatibility

INposition 7.0 is an XTension for QuarkXPress™ 7.0, a native Mac OS X application. INposition 7.0 continues to provide speed and integration. You can impose, preview, edit, color separate and print all within one environment.

New support for Adobe® InDesign® 2 working files

The new Tempus filter launches InDesign 2.0+ in OS X environment to seamlessly produce pages ready for imposition. The user simply has to drag the Tempus icon in the publication palette the usual way, and browse to select InDesign working files to be imported.

Support for QuarkXPress, new Layout feature

You can impose pages from any document layout. The user simply has to click on the appropriate layout tab of the document to activate it, then drag & drop page icons into the publication palette as usual

New Perfector mode options

INposition features two new solutions to adapt to perfecting devices:
• An option for rotating back plates 180 degrees has been added. The option is available in the INposition panel of the Print menu.
• A tumble pagination option has also been added in the imposition order dialog.

Support for custom imposition orders

A set of validations has been implemented to allow for more flexible pagination patterns. In the imposition order dialog, the user selects the duplicate numbering option and enters any custom pagination.

User interface improvements

• Dialogs such as the Publication Styles were enlarged and optimized.
• Some labels were clarified for faster learning curve.
• The INposition menu offers separate accesses to Publication Styles (New and Open items).
• Direct links to Dynagram web site for complete product information and support.
• Built-in Tempus filters for easier installation.
• New design for splash screen and document icons.

Keyboard shortcuts

The most popular INposition keyboard shortcuts have been restored in QuarkXPress.

QuarkXPress™, PageMaker, EPS, TIFF, PICT, PostScript and PDF...

....all in the same job! INposition can easily insert pages for your publication using the QuarkXPress plug-in or the powerful Tempus plug-in, which automatically opens PageMaker, gets and adds pages to the publication, and completes with thumbnail previews, all without the need to generate intermediate PostScript files.

PostScript (Adobe DSC 3.0) Import Capability

INposition allows you to import and simultaneously process almost any PostScript file from over 40 of the most popular PC and Mac applications.

Static Press Marks

Customize your marks! Center marks, fold marks, trim marks and crop marks are based on your selected preferences.

Dynamic Press Marks

Color and grayscale bars, dot gain marks, registration targets, text tags for plate identification can be placed anywhere on the sheet. These marks enable you to monitor ink densities, dot gain, print contrast, ink trapping, slurring and doubling.

GATF Color Control Bars

These are included FREE for press calibration! You can also load custom EPS marks and use them in all your jobs.

Sheet Guide & Imposition Order Previews

Set and modify page numbers, spines, gutters, etc. in the Preview areas.


INposition allows for saddle-stitched or perfect bound publications. It paginates entire signatures based on initial page number location, binding, and fold orientation. Pagination of partial web with any number of pages can also be performed.

Plate- and Signature- Style Library

Custom styles can be added for easy template management.

Complete Adjustments

Make complete adjustments for bleed, crossover, creep, and even additional creep on specific sections.

Friendly Publication Layout Interface

INposition allows you to add and remove document pages by simple drag and drop. The pages are displayed in Reader's mode (in pagination order) or in Printer's mode (in plate assembly).

Page Tools Palette

Intuitive icons are available for page offset, rotation, scaling, bleed/crossover, etc. Important document and publication information can be conveniently displayed.

Last-minute Corrections

Editing page content is always possible up until the last moment, offering you the maximum leeway possible. Edit and save the document, then update the publication and print!

Flexible Print Architecture & Interface

INposition outputs through Quark's standard interface. The Print function incorporates a tabbed dialogue interface that simplifies the selection of imposition settings.

EPS Pages for Output

Quark documents using different sets of preferences can be automatically resolved by creating temporary EPS pages for output, avoiding reflow in the document.


Large impositions can be divided in tiles with accurate tile identification.

Complete OPI Compatibility

INposition is fully compatible with major OPI servers.

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