X-Rite 508 Portable Colour Reflection Spectrodensitometer

Web Price £2,400.00 (£2,880.00 inc VAT)

The X-Rite 508 portable densitometer is great for prepress and the press room - it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.

Keep proofing and press runs consistent by impartially evaluating print quality, critical density and dot area evaluation of ink levels and ink-water balance on press

Document density data to quantify press approvals and ensure multi-part jobs or customer reprints are up to colour Set references for dot gain and density to ensure customer and internal colour requirements are met

Only X-Rite lets you select a measurement aperture - microspot 1.6 x 3.2mm, small 2.0mm, medium 3.4mm or large 6.0mm

Spectrally Based

All of X-Rite’s 500 Series models capture high-resolution spectrophotometric data, which is used as the basis for all of our colour and density values. X-Rite’s spectral technology produces the highest level of inter-instrument agreement available in densitometers today.This means you can trust X-Rite’s 500 Series technology to give you the most accurate, consistent, comparable colour measurements from different presses, among suppliers, between customer and the printing facility, and from two or more printing sites.

Large Interactive Display

The 508 boasts a large, crisp graphic display configurable for left- or right-handed operation.This same high-resolution display also features full menu commands in multiple languages, to meet the needs of most any location (including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese plus additional languages).

Intelligent User Interface

An intuitive key-pad uses universally understood up/down arrow keys and a select key to easily navigate menu items. For efficiency, we also included a back key, and an escape key, which quickly and easily takes users back to the main menu.

On Target

Another X-Rite first is the unprecedented microspot aperture size that is as small as 1.6mm x 3.2mm. This option makes short work of targeting special-colour or density measurements. Just locate a bar code, some solid type, or a graphic element and quickly check the colour.

Ergonomic Design

All of our new hand-held instruments apply ergonomic concepts to fit naturally in your hand.The targeting shoe clearly pinpoints the measurement area so you get the right measurement every time.

Rugged Construction

The 500 Series instruments absorb the inevitable bumps of everyday use.The 500 Series carries the tradition of being perhaps the most durable instruments in the industry.You will get years of accurate and reliable performance.

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