Remote Profiling Service

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This service is FREE if you Buy an Epson Wide Format Printer from Bodoni Systems

The Bodoni Systems Ltd Remote Profiling Kit is for anyone who wants an accurate profile created for their output devices. Currently, only RGB output devices are supported. This is because most CMYK devices run via a RIP. If you have a RIP driving your printer then you will need an on-site calibration service. Click here to go to the correct page

To take advantage of the remote profiling service download the file below and follow the instructions enclosed. When we receive your prints to be measured we will ask you to make payment and not before. Click here to download the Remote profiling zip

This is a 1.5 mb download. To decompress the files you will need WinZip (windows), or Stuffit Expander (Mac).

You will need to print these images using Adobe Photoshop 6 or later.

Example devices are:

Inkjet printers using the supplied manufacturers driver -e.g. Epson 2100 & 7600 HP Deskjet, Canon S9000, etc

RGB LED and CRT printers - e.g. Fuji Pictrography, Sienna , Lambda


After you have downloaded the patches do not re-size, translate, convert or do anything to these files. Simply print them directly from PhotoShop® as per the intructions in the Zip file. If you do make any changes to the file the profile will have to be redone.. If in any doubt, please call or email. It is much better to get this procedure correct than to print the target incorrectly. We cannot stress this enough.

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